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Chile Pepper Seeds

Experimental Hybrids

All of our seeds are hand harvested, cleaned and sorted to bring you only the healthiest seeds.  We do not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides in our gardens and you won’t find any gmo’s here. Many of our seeds are heritage breeds.

I love growing all peppers. There are so many varieties and new ones coming every season. The land race and wild strains have always interested me. The old stand by varieties are great too but I find the really fun part is when you find new and interesting varieties. Or when you have waited all year to see what finally becomes of the cross pollinations you did the previous season. 


This section contains all of the experimental crosses. Some of them intentional and some of them not so much. It's a mix of my experiments and select breeding attempts as well as some interesting finds in the fields and greenhouses. Most of these varieties are in the stages between F1 and F6 so they aren't 100% stable.  You can expect to find differing pods shapes



15+ Seeds - $4.00

Beaver's Stick Pepper

Randy's Moruga 2

Moruga X Red & Yellow- F3

15+ Seeds - $4.00

15+ Seeds - $6.00

Dragon's Tongue - F2

Long Red Variant

Dragon's Tongue - F2

15+ Seeds - $6.00

Yellow Variant

Species: Chinense

Heat: 700,000 + SHU

This variant came from the open pollenated yellow scorpion seeds  the mother is Yellow Scorpion, pollen source unknown. They are quite fruity smelling and the flavour is fruity flavoured with a bit of sweetness detected before the heat starts melting your mouth. The plants grew large and were very productive. The pods were large, beautiful. twisted and bumpy. This is a very nice pepper.

Ghost Pepper X Espelette F#2

15+ Seeds - $4.00

Mother Plant: Ghost Pepper

Pollen source: Espelette

This lovely pepper is a hybrid I got in a trade. The plants grew a lot of these 3" orangish peach coloured pods. They have a nice flavour with a fair bit of heat. These aren't as hot as a Ghost but they are hotter than a habanero

15+ Seeds - $4.00

Randy's Ghost Pepper Hybrid

Mother Plant: Ghost Pepper

Pollen source: unknown.

These came in a trade last year. They were labeled as Randy's Northern Ghost with some purple variants.  They don't resemble the shape of a ghost but the colour and texture is very similar. The flavour is like Ghost pepper with a bit of extra fruity. Very hot peppers on very prolific plants. 

Dirty B  Chile - F6

15+ Seeds - $6.00

Mother Plant: Unknown     Pollen source: Unknown.

I got the Dirty B in a trade. He said he had been growing it out for a few years. I have been selectively breeding this one for the last few years and they seem to be a lot more stable this season. This sweet and fruity pepper has a lot of heat and impeccable flavour. This is one of my favourite peppers

Camel Toe Pepper F5
20+ Seeds - $3.50

Mother Plant: Datil Pepper

Pollen source: unknown.

These were from Datil chile seeds purchased years ago. 

They have the firm, smooth, semi bumpy skin of a Datil chile pepper. The pods vary in size between plants but all have a very similar shape now. After 7 years they are pretty stable now. I rarely get variants. I do get a variant in taste and heat. Some of the pods are more like an annum type pepper and some are more fruity and hot.

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