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Chile Pepper Seeds


All of our seeds are hand harvested, cleaned and sorted to bring you only the healthiest seeds.  We do not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides in our gardens and you won’t find any gmo’s here. Many of our seeds are heritage breeds.

We live in Hardiness Zone 4b so it's not the ideal spot for growing chilies but between the gardens and greenhouses we make it happen. All varieties have to be started early in order to reach maturity.

This season I have labeled some of the varieties as Open Pollinated. These varieties were not secluded under tents. This simply means that there is a chance of cross pollination with these varieties.



Camel Toe Chile - 20 seeds/ $3.50

Species: Annum cross
Scovilles: 80,000 - 100,000

This was a very nice pepper for growing outdoors in Northern Ontario, Heavy set with fruit. Beautiful dark green and bushy plants. They are almost as hot as a habanero and ripen to a gorgeous deep yellow colour.

Orange Habanero - 15+ seeds/$4.50

Species: Capsicum Chinense

Scovilles: 100,000 – 350,000

Originating on the Yukatan Peninnsula, this heirloom strain of habanero is awesome. The plants produce tonnes of fiery peppers with a fruity aroma and flavour.

Peach Habanero -15+seeds / $6.00

Species: Chinense

Heat: 200,000 - 300,000 scovilles

The Peach Habaneros are wonderful peppers in flavour and aroma. They aren't quite as hot as the orange variety but still hot enough for most people. The plants in the greenhouse were pretty compact but still gave a tonne of pods for their size.

Caribbean Red Habanero -15+ seeds / $6.00

Species: Chinense

Heat: 250,000 - 300,000 scovilles

The Caribbean red is an awesome hab variety. Lot's of flavour and lots of heat. They grow on Hardy bushes that can get up to 3 feet tall and more. They grow well outdoors here in the summer here in Northern Ontario. Very productive plants with awesome tasting peppers.

Peruvian White Bullet - 25 seeds / $5.00

Species: Chinense

Heat: Over 300,000 Scoville

The Peruvian white habanero is a small bullet shaped chile that ripens from a pale green to creamy white and then to a yellow colour when fully ripe. They are small but the heat is like a slap in the face when it hits you.

MOA .jpg
MOA Scotch  Bonnets - 10 seeds/ $5.00

Species: Chinense

Scovilles 150,000-250,000 

These are true Scotch Bonnets Recognized by the Jamaican Government for commercial growing as the real deal. MOA Ministry of Agriculture.

Jamaican Yellow - 15 seeds/ $5.00

Species: Capsicum Annum

Heat: 100,000 - 200,000 scovilles

Jamaican yellows grow on a leay compact plant. They are usually loaded with scotch bonnet like peppers that ripen to a bright yellow colour. 

Carioca Orange - 10 seeds/$5.00

Species: Wild Chinense
Scovilles: Approx 100.000 – 200,000 SHU

I can't find any info on this pepper as it is named. It is a small round pepper with a big bite and a sweet, semi fruity flavour. Beautiful plants with green foliage that looks like it has a purple was on it


Mata Frade - 10 seeds/$5.00

Species: Wild Chinense
Approx 100.000 – 200,000 SHU

Mata Frade is a wild pepper strain from Brazil with a sweet grassy flavour and and immediate intense burn that quickly fades. Tonnes of small, round, orange/red pods grow on a beautiful compact plant with deep purple foliage.


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