Chile Pepper Seeds

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All of our seeds are hand harvested, cleaned and sorted to bring you only the healthiest seeds.  We do not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides in our gardens and you won’t find any gmo’s here. Many of our seeds are heritage breeds.

We live in Hardiness Zone 4b so it's not the ideal spot for growing chilies but between the gardens and greenhouses we make it happen. All varieties have to be started early in order to reach maturity.

This season I have labeled some of the varieties as Open Pollinated. These varieties were not secluded under tents. This simply means that there is a chance of cross pollination with these varieties.



HinkleHatz - 20 seeds/ $4.00

Species: Capsicum Annum

Heat: 30,000 ish  Scovilles

The Hinkelhatz is named for it's shape and size. It directly translates to "chicken heart" It has a decent amound of heat and the plants produce quite a few pods. This is an old heirloom that was typically pickled or mashed into vinegar.

Thai Firecrackers - 20 seeds/ $4.00

Species: Annum   Heat: 50,000 - 80,000 Scovilles

These little thai chilis are fiery hot and resemble a lady finger firecracker. The plants grow around 2-3 feet tall in my area and are loaded with peppers.

Black Cobra - 20 seeds/ $5.00

Species: Annum

Heat: 20,000 - 40,000 Scovilles

Small, thin chile peppers grow in abundance on These beautiful plants. The leaves and stalks are covered with a silvery fuzz and the fruit start off jet black then ripen to a vibrant red.

Hawaiian Chili 10+ seeds/ $4.00
Open Pollinated

The Hawaiian pepper plants grew quite tall with unbranching stem until the canopy started. The pods were very abundant and grew straight up from the stems. They aren't overly hot but they have a nice peppery flavour with a hint of sweet. These took a long time to ripen for me but they were happy in a low light window as they finished up in the house.

Goat Horn - 15 seeds/ $4.00

Species: Annum

Heat: 20,000 - 40,000 Scovilles

This pepper is said to be a cayenne variety but I think it looks and tastes more like a Thai chile. They grow well in the garden or in containers in my climate (Northern Ontario). Lot's of 5-7" fruit that ripen to a bright red colour. 

Orange Peter Pepper - 10 Seeds/$3.50 
Open Pollinated
Salvatico - 15 seeds/ $4.00

Species: Capsicum baccatum

Heat: Medium-Hot

This delicious little pepper is a wild Baccatum variety. It grows on a bushy semi compact plant and gets covered with small pods that ripen from green to red. They have a floral aroma and fresh sweet taste similar to many baccatum varieties.

Aji Amarillo - 25 seeds/ $3.50
Open pollinated

Species: Capsicum baccatum

Heat: Medium

The Aji Amarillo originated in South America. It is one of the most important peppers in Peru where it is ground into a paste that makes a staple ingredient in many Peruvian dishes. It has a fruity flavour.

DSC_0068 (1).JPG
Airetama Biquinho - 10 seeds - $5.00
Open pollinated

Species: Capsicum Chinense

Heat: Random. These peppers aren't really hot. They are mostly sweet with a really hot one every so often.

This one is a Brazilian pepper that is normally pickled and served with appetizers. Don't get too comfy with these as they'll surprise you with a real banger in the mix.

Red Cayenne - 25 seeds

Species: Capsicum Annum

Heat: 30,000 – 50,000

The yellow cayenne is smoother than is red cousins and has a lower end heat and nice flavour. The plants get 3' tall and grow tonnes of peppers all season long.


Species: Capsicum Annum

Heat: 30,000 – 50,000

The yellow cayenne is smoother than is red cousins and has a lower end heat and nice flavour. The plants get 3' tall and grow tonnes of peppers all season long.

Yellow Cayenne -30 seeds
Cow Horn -30 seeds  $3.50

The Cow Horn pepper is a variety of cayenne. They really grew well here in Northern Ontario. The plants were around 2' high and produced monster sized peppers. some were over 10" long

Buist's Rare Yellow Cayenne
25 seeds - $4.00

Species: Capsicum Chinense

Heat: 20,000 SHU or so

This s a large Cayenne with a beautiful, deep, rich Yellow colour when ripe. The plants were grown outdoors in the garden and were still inundated with pods that ripened very quickly.

Thunder Mountain Longhorn
15 seeds  $3.50

The Thunder Mountain Longhorn pepper hails from a Region in China Called Guizou Province which is found within a range of mountains called the "Mountains of thunder. They have a wonderful flavour and are generally ground into powders after being smoked. They really grew well here in Northern Ontario. The plants were around 2' high and produced a tonne of skinny peppers that grew over 12" long.

Serrano - 30+ Seeds/ $4.00

Species: Capscicum Annum

Heat: 10,000 - 25,000 Scovilles

Hailing from the Puebla and Hidalgo States in a mountainous region of Mexico. They grow on plants that can reach 5'tall and are very productive. Mostly eaten green but can also be eaten once ripe. These peppers are best when roasted.

Early Jalapeno - 50+ Seeds/ $3.50

Species: Capsicum Annum

Heat: 8000 -20,000 scovilles

This species of jalapeno is similar to the normal variety but ripens about 2 weeks earlier. They can be used fresh or smoked and dried over hardwood to make Chipotles.  The plants get around 2 feet tall. They produce quite a few peppers that start green and ripen to a bright red. The green peppers are widely used and if let to ripen they are a bit sweeter.

Cherry Bomb - 30+ Seeds/ $4.00

These robust pepeprs have a similar heat and flavour to a Jalapeno. They produce a tonne of round, thick walled peppers that turn from dark green to a vibrant candy apple red.   


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