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Chile Pepper Seeds


All of our seeds are hand harvested, cleaned and sorted to bring you only the healthiest seeds.  We do not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides in our gardens and you won’t find any gmo’s here. Many of our seeds are heritage breeds.

We live in Hardiness Zone 4b so it's not the ideal spot for growing chilies but between the gardens and greenhouses we make it happen. All varieties have to be started early in order to reach maturity.

This season I have labeled some of the varieties as Open Pollinated. These varieties were not secluded under tents. This simply means that there is a chance of cross pollination with these varieties.



Hungarian Wax - 25 seeds/ $3.50

Species: Capsicum Annum

Heat:1000-15,000 Scovilles

Large heavy walled peppers are sweet and tasty with just a bit of heat. The plants get large and leafy and produce tonnes of pods. I had to stake these plants as they couldn't hold the weight of the peppers. Ripen from yellow to orange to red.

Anaheim- 25 seeds/ $4.00

Species: Capsicum Annum

Heat: Mild 500 - 3000 Scovilles

A mild variant of the New Mex Chile Cultivar. Originating in New Mexico it was brought to Anaheim, California in the late 1800's which is where it got it's name.

Poblano (Ancho) - 25 seeds/ $4.00


Long, dark green chili peppers ripen to reddish brown. Mildly hot with a mellow, aromatic flavor. Great roasted and peeled, used dried for chili powder, or stuffed. Sweet, crisp and delicious peppers with very thin rind can be used in many styles of cuisine.

Alma Paprika - 25 seeds/ $4.00

Species: Capsicum Annum

Heat: None

A fast ripening heirloom from Hungary. My plants were 2 feet high and had peppers all over them. They ripen from pale green to orange to bright red. They are delicious and sweet when eaten fresh but dry well and make fantastic ground Paprika

Sweet Paprika - 25 seeds/ $4.00

Perfect pepper for making sweet paprika. Peppers get up to 5" long and 1-2" wide. They have a thin wall and small seed cavity so they dry rather quickly. Pick when they are a deep red and hang to dry.

Hot Sauce Shipping

All orders containing sauces have to be done through the contact page. I can't adjust the shipping to suit the actual cost between provinces. If you contact me I can make a custom button to suit your order with the actual cost of shipping. Otherwise it will charge way too much. I am trying to figure out how to customize the options a bit better but Paypal is hard to get answers from sometimes

Free Shipping on seed orders over $30.00

This offer is good on seed orders only. Hot Sauce and plant orders will still have shipping charges.

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contact me through the Contact Page with your order

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