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Canna Seeds

Times are changing and I can now offer cannabis seeds for sale. In the beginning I am only offering regular seeds.

*These seeds are not feminized*

Being regular seeds means that each packet has the potential to give male or female plants with no guarantee as to the ratio of each. 

Photo Sensitive Varieties

Photo Sensitive Varieties are the regular varieties most of us know. They use the length of daylight to determine when they flower. These will grow until the daylight is reduced to 12 hours or less. At this point they will begin to flower.

CBD Varieties

CBD varieties have a lower THC content/ and High CBD content. I am not a doctor so I can't legally tell you the medicinal benefits of each variety. This means you will have to educate yourselves on the particulars of the different cannabinoids.  

Freedom Dream.jpeg

Freedom Dream -10 Seeds/ $6.00

At this point I just have the one CBD Variety but it is one of the better varieties in this category. (in my opinion)

Freedom Dream is a strain normally grown in Canada for commercial seed production. The seeds will produce both female and male plants. The female plants will grow about five feet tall and produce a large central bud with minimal side branches. If pollinated by a male plant, the bud will fill with seeds. If not exposed to male pollen, the bud will produce about 8-12% CBD and only very little THC. You could smoke these buds for pain relief but you won’t get high. For best medicinal benefit I would recommend making water hash or another extract from these buds.

10 - Non-Feminized Seeds

Photo Sensitive Varieties

These varieties will flower when the daylight is under 12 hours. Around here they start to flower from mid to late August and are harvested in Mid to late September (roughly)

Blueberry Kush- $10

10 - Non-Feminized Seeds

Northern Lights - 10 Seeds - $10

10 - Non-Feminized Seeds

Thrived in Northern Ontario, lots of small to medium compact, sparkly buds. 

Wedding Cake - 10 Seeds - $10

10 - Non-Feminized Seeds


Manitoulie Hoolie -10 Seeds/ $6.50

10 - Non-Feminized Seeds

Manitoulie Hoolie started off as an awesome Indica strain which was then pollenated with the Cambodian Sativa strain. The resulting hybrid made a 6 foot+, dense, bushy plant with long, thick, very resinous colas with a lot of heavy side side branches. It has a nice, even head buzz which I find great for working out in the gardens or at home working on the computer, watching movies etc. This is a great all round smoke with a large harvest per plant.


Original Thai Sativa - 10 Seeds/ $6.50

10 - Non-Feminized Seeds

This is an old Sativa strain that I have been growing for many years. I got the seeds from a friend who was already growing it for years before I received them. It can grow quite tall if you let it and results in a harvest anywhere between a couple of ounces to half a lb. at harvest time. It has a nice, awake, cerebral high that is perfect for getting things done. When transplanted outdoors in June, I can usually harvest by late September in my location.


Indy/Sativa Hybrid - 10 Seeds/ $6.50

10 - Non-Feminized Seeds

This is a hybrid I got from crossing the Thai Sativa with an old, beautiful, Afghan hash plant strain that I have been growing since I started growing cannabis plants. It grows quite large. It stays between 6' and 7' tall but gets very round and bushy with very large, heavy and very resinous colas. This makes it a great strain for making hash. You will get several of these large colas if you pinch the tops a couple of times during the vegetative growth cycle. You can expect up to 16 ounces at harvest time if given the right attention. It has a heavier, cerebral high that is perfect for mellowing out to a movie or helping you get to sleep. When transplanted outdoors in June, I can usually harvest by late September in my location.


Ed's Meds X Cambodian Sativa

10 - Non-Feminized Seeds - $6.50

This strain was created by mixing a variety I received from a friend who used to grow for the medical industry. I then crossed it with the White Widow Auto strain. It grows around 6' tall and with a bit of top pinching can result in a very heavy yield with several large colas. This variety shows predominantly indica qualities to the plant growth but has qualities from both the Indica and Sativa genetics. This plant is higher in the CBD % than the other Autoflower varieties I have but still has a nice cerebral high that won't melt you into the couch. Plants start to flower around 13 weeks.

Auto Flower

The Auto flower strains are created by crossing the regular genetics with genetics from the Russian Ruderalis varieties. They flower once they reach a certain point in the growth cycle as opposed to the length of daylight. This results in a plant with a significantly shorter growing period. They have a life cycle that varies in length but can be harvested in as little as 13 weeks with flowering starting in as little as 3 weeks from germination.


White Widow Autoflower

10 - Non-Feminized Seeds - $6.50

White Widow Auto is a hybrid made by crossing the White Widow Strain with a Ruderalis strain called Critical+. It is an Indica-Dominant autoflowering strain with approximately 65% Indica and 35% Sativa genetics. This strain has a relatively low THC at roughly 12% THC and very low CBD content which gives a light, relaxing, cerebral high that is quite functional. These compact plants are quite easy to grow. If grown indoors, White Widow Autoflowering can product nice yields of up to 60g per plant. Outdoor plants can improve upon this harvest and offer yields of up to an impressive 160g per plant. Outdoor plants usually reach heights of up to 110cm. They are fast growing plants that mature between 75 and 80 days.

Hot Sauce Shipping

All orders containing sauces have to be done through the contact page. I can't adjust the shipping to suit the actual cost between provinces. If you contact me I can make a custom button to suit your order with the actual cost of shipping. Otherwise it will charge way too much. I am trying to figure out how to customize the options a bit better but Paypal is hard to get answers from sometimes

Free Shipping on seed orders over $30.00

This offer is good on seed orders only. Hot Sauce and plant orders will still have shipping charges.

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contact me through the Contact Page with your order

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