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All of our plants are CNG Certified

-If you order before mid March you can choose any variety of Chile pepper or Tomato plants found on the seed pages

- After Mid March I will already have my stock planned so you'll have the choice from what stock is available

- All plants will start shipping once the weather allows for safe travel. (usually in May)

- Under 10 plants - $5 per plant.

- 10 plants or more - gets a 10% discount

- Canada Post has a minimum cost of $12 for small parcels so the rates will depend on what size your order is and where the plants get shipped to. I can fit quite a few plants in to a small parcel so the cost doesn't usually exceed $14-$16 $16-$18 for the Western (BC, AB) and Eastern (NFLD, NS,PEI) provinces.


Shipping in Canada only

 The way I ship my plants gives them around a week where they arrive in a happy condition. This means that shipping to the U.S. is a crapshoot. I also don't know the laws about cross border shipping of live plants so for now plants are only available to our Canadian customers.

USA Customers should check out Jim Duffy at Refining Fire Chiles for decent plants and prices.


Contact me directly through our Contact page for plant orders

Once I know your order i can get a shipping quote to your area and let you know what the cost will be before we finalize the payment. 

Pepper Plants

*Please Note*

Any order over 5 plants will have to start stacking up.

  • 6-20 plants - minimum of 2 plants per variety. 

  • 21-39 plants - minimum 3 plants per variety

  • 40-60 plants - minimum 4 plants per variety

     I really hate to have to do this but it is way too taxing on my time, body, mind and soul to have to individually wrap 20 different single plants and then label them all and wrap them and pack them.  I have always done it because I want to have amazing customer service. 1 parcel of 50 plants and 50 different varieties changes one's perspective a bit. I don't want to add a handling charge just because I think in a lot of cases, places just do it to rip people off for an extra 15 bucks when they can. I've always kept the shipping to as close to the actual Canada Post costs as possible. I want to keep it that way. I hope you understand. Thanks a Bunch!!

Hot Sauce Shipping

All orders containing sauces have to be done through the contact page. I can't adjust the shipping to suit the actual cost between provinces. If you contact me I can make a custom button to suit your order with the actual cost of shipping. Otherwise it will charge way too much. I am trying to figure out how to customize the options a bit better but Paypal is hard to get answers from sometimes

Free Shipping on seed orders over $30.00

This offer is good on seed orders only. Hot Sauce and plant orders will still have shipping charges.

Now Accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin and Etherium

as payment options. If you want to use this option

contact me through the Contact Page with your order

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