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Infused Salt
White Naga - $5.00
Carolina Reaper - $5.00
Hickory Smoked
Paprika Blends

Uncle B's paprika blends are made with home grown peppers. I use 2 varieties of sweet peppers as my paprika base. Alma Paprika and Sweet Paprika. Both are old heirloom varieties. I let both varieties ripen to their fullest before harvesting.  I dry half of the ripe peppers  right away and ferment the other half for around 2 weeks. The fermentation process really helps develop the flavour and fruity aroma of the peppers. Once fermentation is complete, I dry the fermented mash and grind it down with the other dried peppers then blend with the spicy peppers to get the desired heat levels.

Curry  and Spice Blends

This is not the yellow curry powder you see at the grocery. It is a blend of 10 different spices and is the mix I use when making my Vindaloo curry recipe

Curry Spice Blend
Semi Spicy

This blend is heated up with a bit of Cayenne pepper so as to not be really spicy.

Curry Spice Blend
Assam Mix

This Assam blend is made with ground ghost pepper to give it a pretty fierce bite

Piggy Powder/
Dry Rub

A blend of Herbs and spices designed with pulled pork and ribs in mind but goes well with chicken and beef too. The salt content is lower to allow it to be used generously and has some brown sugar to help it stick to form a nice coating on the meats.

Infused Vinegars

Uncle B's infused vinegar is made by with slow, cold steeping process. The entire process enhances the berry flavours and leaves us with a vinegar that tastes more like the berries than vinegar. A hint of sweetness amplifies the natural flavours of the berries which are already quite strong. It takes two quarts of berries to make just one quart of the vinegar. Vibrant and fresh tasting. This vinegar is top notch.

Wild Raspberry
Wild Blueberry
Hot Honey Mustard
w/ Wild Mustard Seed

Hot Sauce Shipping

All orders containing sauces have to be done through the contact page. I can't adjust the shipping to suit the actual cost between provinces. If you contact me I can make a custom button to suit your order with the actual cost of shipping. Otherwise it will charge way too much. I am trying to figure out how to customize the options a bit better but Paypal is hard to get answers from sometimes

Free Shipping on seed orders over $30.00

This offer is good on seed orders only. Hot Sauce and plant orders will still have shipping charges.