This sauce gets it's vibrant orange colour from a mix of ripe red habaneros and the deep yellow of perfectly ripened mangoes. The flavour is very full with a hint of sweet. As for heat, it isn't deadly but it is more than hot enough for even a seasoned chile head.

This is a Puerto Rican style Pique. It's a vinegar and pineapple juice based sauce, made in the traditional fashion. Fresh Herbs, garlic, pineapple and a mix of very hot peppers from the habanero family. In my opinion this is the only sauce for eating Roti.


This sauce is made from a traditional Jamaican Jerk recipe. The recipe makes a paste that is way too thick to bottle so I've loosened it up with vinegar. This sauce is awesome and quite possibly the best money you've ever spent.

This is one of my fall specials. It is made from fresh horseradish from the garden as well as a tonne of Peruvian white Habaneros. It has a bunch of heat and a fantastic flavour and is a very limited edition.


The aged habanero sauce is made from fermented ripe habaneros. It is aged between 4 and 6 months. With your typical Habanero heat and a flavour that works with everything. Made in the Louisiana style.

Cornucopia of fire is one of our most popular sauces. It is made by aging the end of season harvest. There are over 40 varieties of peppers fermented with with a mix of ripe, green and dried peppers. Sundried tomatoes are added to give it a very full flavour and I finish it with raw honey from the farm to smooth the sharpness of the vinegar.


Sweet Thai Chili is a nice mix of garlic, ginger and thai chilis. It is a sweet sauce that sticks to your ribs and goes well with spring rolls, samosas, wraps, salad dressings etc...

A savoury sauce made from Jalapeno, lime and onion and finished with fresh cilantro right before bottling. It has a mild to medium heat and goes well with so many different things.


Golden Cayenne is another one of this seasons limited edition sauces. It's aged with fresh and dried golden cayennes and garlic, just long enough to develop the flavour a bit but retain the colour. It has a mild to mid level heat and works the same as a Louisiana sauce.

This is my take on a taco sauce. It is made with Jalapeno and tomato and flavoured with chili spices, garlic, onion and Uncle B's hot paprika powder. This stuff isn't super hot but it is super delicious. 


Cayenne Louisiana is precicely what it sounds like. This is my take on a traditional Louisiana style, aged Cayenne hot sauce. It goes well on everything and if you add some butter you'll have the world's finest Buffalo wing sauce.

This recipe is the culmination of almost 20 years of trying not to make Grandmas typical ketchup and mustard sauce. I've finally nailed it down and it is amazing. Used with Uncle B's dry rub, you'll end up with ribs that could contend with the world's best. Thick, sweet, tangy and spicy, This is the stuff dreams are made of.

Paprika Blend

The spicy blend is the mildest of the three. It is blended with Cayenne, Jalapeno, Cherry Bomb, Thai chile

Paprika Blend

The hot blend is fairly spicy. It is a blend of my paprika and super hot powders

Super Hot Paprika Blend

The super hot blend has mostly super hot pepper varieties with a bit of the base paprika added for better flavour and a hint of sweetness.

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