Tomato Seeds

Thai Pink Egg - 20 seeds/$3.00

This heirloom tomato ripens to a beautiful pink colour. It has an egg shape with a size between a roma and a grape tomato. The flavour is between a tomato and a cucumber. It was a very productive, determinate plant.

White Potato Leaf - 15 seeds/ $3.00

The white potato leaf tomato is a creamy white to yellow herloom  tomato. It is by far the best white variety tomato I have ever tasted. It is a very productive plant that produces  3-6 oz fruit. Low acidity.

Topaz - 15 seeds/ $3.00

The Topaz tomato is a mild flavoured light yellow tomato with golden flecks. it has an almost iridescent sheen to the skin. It is a chinese tomato named for the beautiful yellow gem stone. Tall plants get loaded with these little yellow tomatoes.

Earlianna - 20 seeds/ $3.00

The Earlianna is a good producer. It was developed in the beginning of 1900's to bring the earliest tomato to market. Maturing in just 68 days these indeterminate plants produce clusters of 6 - 8 uniform pink red tomatoes with a sweet and tangy flavour.

Jubilee - 15 seeds/ $3.00

Golden Jubilee is an awesome deep yellow heirloom tomato with thick flesh walls and amazing flavour. the indeterminate vines will need strong staking as it produces well and the tomatoes are a decent size.

Ponderosa - 15 seeds/ $3.00

A delicious pink/red beefsteak tomato that produces huge fruit. Some can wiegh up to 2lbs. These tomatoes are popular with gardeners and have really good flavour. They work well for slicing or canning.

Striped Cavern  - 15 seeds/ $3.00
San Marzano Paste - 15 seeds/ $3.00

This unique heirloom tomato ripens to a bright red colour with yellow striping. It has a dry, hollow interior like a pepper with all of the seeds clustered at the top. They are perfect for stuffing and roasting. Very ood producer.

This heirloom is hands down the best paste tomato I've ever grown. This plant produced tonnes of firm fleshed, low moisture tomatoes with a deep, rich flavour. When canned you'll have more tomato and flavour with less water.

Orange Icicle - 15 seeds/ $3.00

This wonderful tomato is rich with flavour. It has hints of citrus and is a vibrant orange colour. They are shaped like a long paste tomato and make amazing salsa. This is one of the best eating tomatoes I've come across so far. A must for every garden.

Blush - 15 seeds/ $3.00

Blush is a beautiful red and yellow varigated tomato. It's an elongated cherry tomato, shaped like a large olive. The flavour is very good with a lower acidity  and quite sweet.

Chocolate Cherry - 15 seeds/ $3.00
Yellow Grape - 15 seeds/ $3.00
Golden sweet Cherry - 15 seeds, $3.00
Sweet Millions - 25 seeds, $3.00
Little Peach - 10 seeds/ $3.00
Red Cherry - 15 seeds/ $3.00
Yellow Cherry - 15 seeds/ $3.00
Sugary Red Grape - 15 seeds/ $3.00
Little Yellow Pears - 15 seeds/ $3.00

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